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Outdoor light integrated garden edging

Easily installed into gardens and landscaped areas.

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Define + frame your garden.

Light plants or paths at night with the one system.

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Lead the way in your industry.

Our patented linear light system provides continuous even light distribution to your whole garden...

...with no dark spots.

Explore Edglit Packs

Curate atmospheric entertaining areas.

The Edglit garden system will create a clean, modern look to your garden during the day and transform it to a magical evening after the sun sets. With the option at your fingertips to set the lighting to any colour you desire, the phone operated controller can also set the lighting to change to the beat of the music creating the perfect party atmosphere. Explore Edglit Packs

Illuminated apartment living.

Don’t have much space but want to plant your own veggies or herb garden? Edglit comes in planter box packages with everything you need to create your own balcony garden. Shop Planter Boxes