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Our Story —

Australian designed and made.

Creating engaging gardens and landscapes by improving the design aesthetic and curating beautifully landscaped spaces day and night.

As a kid, I remember sitting in the front seat of my Dad’s Chevy on a typical Canberra’s cold winter morning, being really excited as we drove to his factory. My job, was to sweep the workshop floor.

Stefan Liso was the first double glazed aluminium window manufacturer in Canberra, Australia. Having arrived in Australia from Europe after the 2nd world war, he built homes for returned soldiers in Perth before crossing the Nullarbor to run a window manufacturing company. Double glazed windows were an innovation in the 80s.

As boring as sweeping floors was for a 9-year-old, I started to observe how he ran the factory. Very efficient, with stations for each part of the window assembly process. Henry Ford would have been proud.

Looking back, Dad was a creative thinker, with a deep sense of customer service. On Saturdays, I spent time waiting in the car while he'd carry out maintenance and follow-up visits to ensure his customers were happy with their new windows.

Always with a forward-thinking disposition he inspired me there and then to apply his creative genes and so began my own creative innovation journey which resulted in registering Edglit as our Company in 2015.

We spent the first 3 years landscaping and specialising in building gabion retaining walls and improving people’s garden aesthetic. During this time, it struck me, wouldn’t it be fantastic to see these beautiful gardens in their full glory also at night. And so, drawing a parallel to my father’s creative innovation and with an understanding of aluminium, the Edglit garden edging and lighting system was born – an easy solution to light gardens and define edging without dark spots.

Andrew Liso
Innovator / Edglit Director