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Integrated Urban Design Solutions.

Using CPTED Principles to Support Vibrant Places & Social Crime Prevention Contact us

Do you want to grow vibrant, safe places in your community?

At the core of good urban design solutions is creating liveable places that enhance people’s ability to engage with each other and feel comfortable in their environment. And so, communities that embrace the principles of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED principles), are more likely to use a space and feel safe doing so.

However, two significant factors that need to be addressed for improved safety and social crime prevention in public spaces are poor lighting and inappropriate landscaping.

“Poorly designed and badly lit areas provide greater opportunities for crime and provide an unwelcoming environment for users of the space.”¹

As a result, purposeful landscaping design that welcomes people into a space, alongside high quality, effective outdoor lighting will greatly improve the appeal and functionality of a space after dark.

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Urban Design Solutions using CPTED Principles.

Edglit offers governments and councils a holistic view to managing social crime prevention and designing vibrant places through a two-pronged approach:

modern garden edging for beautifully landscaped areas
discretely designed, brightly coloured LED outdoor lights.

We strive to simplify the process for cities to plan and develop well-designed and engaging open spaces with our low maintenance, eco-friendly garden edge lighting innovation.

Our garden edging uses Wi-Fi controlled Smart garden lighting that can be programmed to your choice of colours depending on the context and usage of the environment. Or for special city celebrations, you have the option of customising Edglit lighting to synchronise to the beat of the music being played.

Edglit is the only modular garden edge lighting system available.

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Our patented products will allow you to:

  • Create well-lit paths with a consistent stream of light allowing pedestrians to be seen, have a clear view of others and feel safe and connected to their surroundings.
  • Have flexibility of design to illuminate not only pathways, but to also up-light plants and trees in garden beds. Both options will provide a constant stream of light without creating dark spots.
  • Up-light building façades, public toilets and entranceways while defining and framing landscaped areas.
  • Transform a tired looking outdoor space with brightly coloured LEDs that will improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the place after dark.
  • Reduce the opportunity for crime by lighting up spaces with an identified potential safety risk with energy efficient LEDs.
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Our modular garden edging is easy to use and enables you to:

  • Customize your design to suit your project size and needs.
  • Easily install and disassemble by your contractors with predrilled
    holes, making it portable & reusable aluminium edging.
  • Install a low maintenance landscape product with long lasting, UV treated powdercoat made to sustain Australia’s harsh climates. In addition, our water resistant LEDs have approx. 50,000 hours of light and are built to last.

Our edge lighting can be installed at varying heights proud of the ground:

  • 100mm proud for discreet lighting on pathways, entranceways or hardscapes.
  • 200mm proud for landscaped areas or garden borders needing a deeper garden edge.

Our metal garden edging has no sharp edges, is tread proof and is designed with rounded tops for a smooth, professional finish.

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A new innovation used by lighting designers to create engaging urban spaces.

The only modular garden edging system with integrated LED lighting.

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  2. Creating Places For People - An Urban Design Protocol For Australian Cities. 2011.