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Metal Garden Edging & Outdoor Garden Lights in One Solution.

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Why use our metal garden edging for your next design?

As a designer or architect, you know that using outdoor garden lights can transform a dark space into an inviting and comfortable environment. So it’s no surprise that planning and designing requires careful consideration of well-lit paths, gardens and entranceways that are safe into the night.

With the right lighting, you can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of outdoor spaces, parks and gardens to create a stunning visual impact after dark. This is where garden edge lighting can help.

Edglit delivers a landscaping solution by creating modern garden edging by day that features colourful, outdoor garden lights by night.

What’s more, Edglit is the only modular garden edge lighting system on the market.

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Our patented products allow you to:

Our discretely designed garden edging will transform your development into a colourful, captivating retreat after the sun goes down.

Boost the aesthetic appeal of gardens, homes or commercial buildings with a high-end modern finish, increasing the perceived property value

Light paths, plants and building façades with a continuous stream of light, all in the one system.

Light up spaces with a potential safety risk with energy efficient LEDs.

Our modular system can suit your project size and needs.

Edglit packages can be offered to your clients to give your property developments a modern, designer, outdoor lighting look.

Our products are:

  • 12v garden lights to make colour changes effortless from your smart device.
  • Program for a relaxing evening or customise Edglit lighting to synchronise to the beat of your music for the perfect party atmosphere.
  • Powered by solar, or 12v DC/AC adapters
  • Use recyclable aluminium
  • Energy efficient LEDs
  • Proudly Australian made
  • Long lasting, UV treated powdercoat made to sustain Australia’s harsh climates & weather conditions

A unique innovation for landscape professionals.

The only modular garden edging system with integrated LED lighting.

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